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Michigan Dealership trade In

Dealerships are always cutting deals for customers to give them the best deals. Have you recently taken in a motorcycle, to trade in for a car? Don’t let that awesome motorcycle depreciate on your lot.  Sell us your motorcycle trade in. We know what to do with it.

Calling Michigan Dealerships

Calling all dealerships, car lots, pawn shops, or auction lots in Michigan that have taken aMotorcycle Trade in for Michigan dealers motorcycle trade in! Let us buy them. USAPSDN is a reputable company that has been in the motorcycle buying business for 25 years. We give our dealers a no hassle bike selling experience.

We are looking to buy motorcycle trade ins from Michigan dealerships in:

  • Detroit
  • Dundee
  • Westland
  • Southfield
  • Utica
  • other Southeastern Michigan cities

Join Us today to start.


Benefits of Joining The USAPSDN

Powersports Dealer NetworkThe USA Power Sports Dealer Network (USAPSDN) is a large connected network with hundreds of dealers that can come to the site and submit a powersports vehicle to sell. You can also request to buy almost any powersports vehicle available.

Powersports Vehicle Listings

Along with the ability to request and buy powersports vehicles, you can also check the vehicle listings often to see what is available. The inventory has great vehicles like the Honda CHF50, Kawasaki Ultra 250X, Ymaha XVS650 and many more!

For any powersports dealer, this site is a very useful tool when looking for inventory or trying to sell inventory, and the best part is it is all free. Just use the easy sign up form and you will get full access to the inventory and have the ability to post your own inventory.

The USA PSDN is not only for motorcycles, you can submit or request any type of powersports vehicle such as a watercraft, ATV or snowmobile. Join us today and see the benefits of the site, if you still have questions give us a call at 419-956-3075! The USA PSDN is available for all states, from Florida to Michigan, and Maryland to California,  join the network.

Florida Dealerships Join Here!

Memorial Weekend in Florida is over but the motorcycle hysteria is not over. USA Florida Motorcycle buyers Powersports Dealer Network wants to help you with your leftover inventory from the holiday. Inventory that is not selling is depreciating by the day.  USA PSDN has a solution for you. Join our United States dealer to dealer network to buy and sell bikes with dealerships around the country. Once you join our team of our dealer to dealer network, you will immediately have access to our vehicle listings. You will also have the chance to submit your vehicles that you want to sell to the network. These motorcycles are ready to go to be resold at your Florida dealership.

Motorcycle Buying or Selling for Dealerships

Florida, California, or Georgia motorcycle dealerships, we are looking for you! Inquire today about joining our network. Don’t miss out! Join today.


Seeking Florida Motorcycle Dealerships

Attention Florida dealerships! We are looking for you! We are expanding deeper and deeper into Florida.USA Powersports Dealer Network is looking for motorcycle dealerships in Miami, Key West, Tampa, Jacksonville or Orlando, FL.

There are big benefits for Florida dealerships when they join the USA Powersports Dealership network. Are you a Florida New Car, Used Car, Powersports or Motorcycle dealership with overstock or trade-ins you want to move fast?  If so, we are looking to buy used bikes from you at a fair price. And there are other benefits for Florida dealerships joining our network.

Dealer benefits:

  •  Ability to submit vehicles for a preferred quote
  •  Fast reply and pickup (next day for Florida dealers)
  • Private login to view frequently changing list of vehicles for purchase
  • Request a vehicle form where we look for a vehicle you want

Florida Motorcycle Dealerships

Florida Motorcycle Dealerships; Our goal for the USA Powersports Dealership network is to provide support for Florida motorcycle, car and powersports dealerships.   The support that we provide is easily accessible. Once you join our network, you get immediate access to vehicle listings that we have in stock. On the list, we provide you with the year, make, model, color and amount of miles that it has. Join now to become a part of our growing networks of dealerships.

Do you know any dealerships in Florida? Please let them know that we are looking for them. The larger our network is, the more motorcycles and ATVS that you will have access to!

Happy New Year Motorcycle Dealers!

It’s a brand new  year and USA’s  Powersports Dealer Network is excited to spend 2015 providing you with more Motorcycles and we’re looking to help you clear excess inventory fast!

As we continue to build our relationships with more new or used motor vehicle motorcycle dealer networkdealerships, Powersports Dealerships, Auctions, or  Impounds in the United States, we want to revamp our blog to cater to you.

Please let us know about important topics or information that you care about that you would like to see us discuss on our blog!

 Happy New Year!


Selling Overflow Motorcycles

As the holiday season approaches, motorcycle owners have been heading to their local car dealership to trade in their used motorcycles for cash, or to put towards the purchase of a new car. What is a car dealership going to do with a motorcycle?

If you have motorcycles piling up on your lot, whether a used car lot, repo lot, or even a motorcycle dealer lot, we want to buy your overflow motorcycles. As professional motorcycle buyers for dealers, auctioneers, or repo men, you can make professional dealer to dealer transactions. We make sure that we deal closely with other professional dealers across the company.

If you are looking to find a particular motorcycle to fill the last empty space in your lot, we can help with that too. As we buy high quality motorcycles from other dealers around the country, we come across a little of everything, if you are searching for a particular bike, let us know. We will contact you when we find it!

Our goal is to develop a professional dealer to dealer network. Please join our dealer network if you are a motorcycle dealer, car dealership, auctioneer, or repo man.