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Hot For Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Harley Davidson Road Glide

The Pandemic has had an interesting and profound effect on the used motorcycle market. Once it hit many of the manufacturers’ shutdown. Harley Davidson stopped manufacturing new Harleys. That created a big gap.

Hot Harleys

It wasn’t only Harleys, every used vehicle (ATVs, UTVs, Watercraft etc.) all saw an increase in demand. However, we really started to see the more costly vehicles were in even higher demand! Why was that? We’ll maybe its because some of the people that would have spent substantially more for a new Harley weren’t able to get them, so they decided to spend their money on a previously owned motorcycle and get a little more bike.

We saw the demand (and prices) go up for Harly Davidson Cruisers – Sport Glides, Steet Glides, and Ultras like; FLSTF Cruiser, FLHTCU Ultra Classic & Harley Davidson Road Glide FLTRX. In fact, we are still buying Harleys‘ like these and paying a premium!

Selling Your Motorcycles or ATVs

We understand that because of this you might not have the motorcycles on your lots as you would normally have. However, we have seen more requests for quotes on vehicles our dealers want to sell recently.  Surprisingly as well is the fact that the prices and demand have been steady even into the fall where demand for motorcycles usually slows down.

ATVs have really picked up as well. Not surprisingly this time of year. Again, we are seeing and are interested in buying the $20k plus vehicles. ATVs, UTV, Side by Side, are popular. Polaris, Arctic Cat, Honda, and others are on our list.

Bike Week is Over, Summer is on!

Motorcycle owners came from all over to enjoy Bike Week in Myrtle Beach, SC in May. Riders showed off their hottest bikes with a party that seems to never stop, all week long. Now that the big week is over, you may be looking to sell your motorcycle to make up for all the cash you spent enjoying the party! Plus it’s hot in the south and you might be on the water instead of on the road.Riding up to Bike Week in SC, from Florida

Although we specifically deal with motorcycle dealers, our partners at Sell Us Your Bike buys motorcycles in South Carolina and all over the country. Get quick cash for your motorcycle, and go head home with a pocket full of cash! To make it even easier, you don’t have to do any of the footwork. Simply fill out their online quote form and they do the rest!

Quick Cash for Used Motorcycles

Whether you have a customized cruiser or custom sportbike, you can get quick cash for your motorcycle. Maybe you were inspired by other bikes at bike week and want to upgrade to a newer model motorcycle. Or, maybe you just need quick cash to catch up on bills this summer. Regardless of why you need a pocket full of cash quick, our friends at Sell Us Your Bike can help you out. And don’t worry, you don’t have to live in Myrtle Beach for them to help you, go ahead and ride home, then contact them!

Impound Lots, WE can help YOU!

Unfortunately, some people do have their bikes impounded. If you are an impound lot that has abandoned motorcycles, contact us today. We work with dealerships, impound lot owners, banks, pawn shops helping clear out old bikes. Join our dealer network today, and show us your inventory. We will have buyers for motorcycles that have been impounded, pawned or just collecting dust from being a trade-in.


Florida Motorcycle Dealers Prepare for Northern Migration

As the north begins to cool down and we enter fall, winter is just around the corner. As winter approaches many northerners leave their summer homes and migrate to the south. Florida is a very common winter destination for motorcycle owners, especially the 50 plus crowd. Riders load up their bikes or have them shipped to Florida allowing for a full year of riding.

What does this mean for motorcycle dealers in Florida?

With an increase of motorcycle riders migrating to Florida Florida Motorcycle buyerswhether permanently or temporarily, dealers prepare for an increase in motorcycle trade-ins. As dealer lots begin to fill up, dealers need to plan their own trade-ins with other dealers. Joining a  dealer network can ease dealer to dealer motorcycle trade-ins or sales. Some of the benefits to finding a dealer network include:

  • Time reduction between motorcycle sales or trade-ins
  • Professionals sales, dealing strictly with motorcycle dealers
  • Nationwide directory of motorcycle requests/listings

Being apart of USA PowerSports Dealer Network has helped many dealers in Florida as well as other states across the US decrease their dealer inventory and move trade ins.  Not specifically a motorcycle dealer? USA Powersports Dealer Network is open to auto dealers, auctioneers, impound lots, as well as other businesses that buy motorcycles or accept them as trade-ins.

Dealers around the country are looking for a variety of motorcycles. From Yamaha sport bikes to Harley Davidson street cruisers and everything in between. Find the specific type of motorcycle you are searching for and we’ll find a buyer for your particular motorcycle, when you join the USA Powersports Dealer Network today!

If you are not a motorcycle dealer, but an individual who is looking to sell a motorcycle in Florida, get a quote for your bike now. Our friends at Sell Us Your Bike can help you get top dollar for your motorcycle.


Motorcycle Dealers Cincinnati Ohio

CALLING ALL MOTORCYCLE DEALERS  in Ohio and all over the mid-west. We want to buy motorcycles directly from you! Cincinnati is known to many Motorcycle Dealers for being the place for a well known motorcycle auction house.  Many dealers take their trade-ins to the auction to sell. Typically because you have too many in stock or need a fast turnover for cash.

Don’t pay Motorcycle Auction Fees

Taking your motorcycles to the auction in Cincinnati can cost you money. You don’t need to pay those fees or risk selling your bike for less than you want.  In addition, you have costs associated with time and delivery!

Join USAPSDN and Make More!

We want to buy your motorcycles and are highly motivated to give you more than you would get at the auction. Simply Sign up for our mailing list and submit your vehicles and we will get back with you in short order. Ohio and Cincinnati in particular is a hot spot for dealers looking where to sell motorcycles because it is known for the motorcycle auction.  However, our drivers are only a few hours away and will pickup anywhere in the midwest typically within a day. We will bring a check and you will save all those associated fees.

Looking to buy?We will buy or sell BMW 1000rr like this one

We update our vehicle listing regularly, so if you are looking for a Honda VTX 1300, CBR600rr, Harley FLHX, Kawasaki VN900lt or even a BMW 1000rr for example, we may have them. That is a sample of what was recently added. If you don’t see a bike that you want for a customer, just fill in the short form to request a vehicle. We will try to hook you up and at a price you where you can make a good sale.

It’s simple to join our team, but if you have any questions about selling your motorcycles to us versus selling at the auction in Cincinnati, please give us a call at 419-956-3075. We are looking for good dealerships and partners in the Midwest!

Sell Motorcycles in Georgia

Many motorcycle dealers, impound lots, or pawn shops are searching for ways to sell used motorcycles that have accumulated on their lots without having to deal with individuals looking to buy. Rather, they are searching for professionals who buy motorcycles in Georgia who are familiar with the motorcycle buying and selling process. USA Powersports Dealer Network is your go to for selling used motorcycles in a professional manner.

Why wait for that one individual who is looking for the specific types of motorcycles that you have on your lot when you can sell to a professional motorcycle buyer such as USAPSDN who is looking to buy all types of used motorcycles in Georgia? That’s right, we are looking to buy a variety of used motorcycles or ATVs from dealers, pawn shops, or impound lots in the Atlanta, Georgia area and surrounding cities.

Submit your inventory of used motorcycles now!  

By choosing to join our network of dealers, Florida Motorcycle buyersyou are opening the door to quickly sell used
motorcycles that are of no need to your business. Because we work nationally with other dealers who are constantly requesting motorcycles to fill empty lots, we are always searching for a wide variety of motorcycle makes and models. We buy:

  • Harley Davidson Motorcycles
  • Kawasaki Sport Bikes
  • Ducati Sport Bikes
  • Honda Sport Bikes
  • BMW Motorcycles
  • Yamaha Motorcycles
  • ATVs most makes and models
  • and more…

Contact us today to set up a time to meet, so we can find out what your needs are when it
comes to selling excess inventory of used motorcycles or ATVs

Not a Dealer?

No Problem! Although our dealer network may not be for you as an individual looking to sell a motorcycle in Georgia, we can still point you in the right direction. We work with dealers in Georgia looking to buy motorcycles from residents in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Find out how you can sell your used motorcycle now quickly!

Highly Anticipated Motorcycles, Means More Bikes On Your Lot!

When new motorcycles are debuted motorcycle enthusiasts in Florida like to have the newest of the newest and the best of the best. What does this mean for you as a dealer? Well, as new motorcycles hit the lot, motorcycle owners look to trade in their older model motorcycle for a newer model, leaving you to figure out how to sell their used motorcycle to other Florida riders.
Recently many of the most popular brands in the motorcycle industry have debuted some of the hottest rides that Florida riders are eager to get there hands on. Here are some of the newest models to hit the lots:
Kawasaki Ninja H2R

Although this 1000 cc release is not street kawasakilegal as it carries nearly 300 horsepower, many motorcycle dealers in Florida are already taking deposits on a version who’s release date nor price has not yet been mentioned. If that doesn’t show high demand, we don’t know what does. Be prepared to see many older model Kawasaki Ninja’s hitting your lot for a trade in soon! Other Kawasaki sport bikes that will be selling fast are: Kawasaki Versys 650 LT, Kawasaki Vulcan S, and Kawasaki Versys 1000 LT.
2016 Suzuki GSX-S1000

Expected to carry the highest-performance specs of Suzuki, this lightweight aluminum sport bike is sure to be a highlight of the year. Many Suzuki riders are preparing to trade in their older model Suzuki motorcycles in Florida to become the proud owner of the best Suzuki has to offer. Of course this isn’t the only bike that has become popular with riders, the Suzuki V-Strom 650XT and Suzuki GSX-S750 2015 models have been flying off of lots.
Of course there are other models that riders in Florida are anticipating, but be prepared to fill your used car or used motorcycle dealerships in Florida with a ton of used Kawasaki or used Suzuki sport bikes. When it becomes too much for you to handle, or you just want to make space by selling other older model motorcycles, let us help get used motorcycles or sport bikes off your hands. Contact USAPSDN today!
Looking to find a specific Kawasaki or Suzuki motorcycle to fill an empty spot in your Florida dealership, Click Here