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Highly Anticipated Motorcycles, Means More Bikes On Your Lot!

When new motorcycles are debuted motorcycle enthusiasts in Florida like to have the newest of the newest and the best of the best. What does this mean for you as a dealer? Well, as new motorcycles hit the lot, motorcycle owners look to trade in their older model motorcycle for a newer model, leaving you to figure out how to sell their used motorcycle to other Florida riders.
Recently many of the most popular brands in the motorcycle industry have debuted some of the hottest rides that Florida riders are eager to get there hands on. Here are some of the newest models to hit the lots:
Kawasaki Ninja H2R

Although this 1000 cc release is not street kawasakilegal as it carries nearly 300 horsepower, many motorcycle dealers in Florida are already taking deposits on a version who’s release date nor price has not yet been mentioned. If that doesn’t show high demand, we don’t know what does. Be prepared to see many older model Kawasaki Ninja’s hitting your lot for a trade in soon! Other Kawasaki sport bikes that will be selling fast are: Kawasaki Versys 650 LT, Kawasaki Vulcan S, and Kawasaki Versys 1000 LT.
2016 Suzuki GSX-S1000

Expected to carry the highest-performance specs of Suzuki, this lightweight aluminum sport bike is sure to be a highlight of the year. Many Suzuki riders are preparing to trade in their older model Suzuki motorcycles in Florida to become the proud owner of the best Suzuki has to offer. Of course this isn’t the only bike that has become popular with riders, the Suzuki V-Strom 650XT and Suzuki GSX-S750 2015 models have been flying off of lots.
Of course there are other models that riders in Florida are anticipating, but be prepared to fill your used car or used motorcycle dealerships in Florida with a ton of used Kawasaki or used Suzuki sport bikes. When it becomes too much for you to handle, or you just want to make space by selling other older model motorcycles, let us help get used motorcycles or sport bikes off your hands. Contact USAPSDN today!
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Florida Dealerships Join Here!

Memorial Weekend in Florida is over but the motorcycle hysteria is not over. USA Florida Motorcycle buyers Powersports Dealer Network wants to help you with your leftover inventory from the holiday. Inventory that is not selling is depreciating by the day.  USA PSDN has a solution for you. Join our United States dealer to dealer network to buy and sell bikes with dealerships around the country. Once you join our team of our dealer to dealer network, you will immediately have access to our vehicle listings. You will also have the chance to submit your vehicles that you want to sell to the network. These motorcycles are ready to go to be resold at your Florida dealership.

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Dealer to Dealer Motorcycle Sales

Are you a motorcycle or powersports dealer? Are you looking on great deal on used bikes or vehicles from other dealers? At USA Powersports Dealer Network we have exactly what you are looking for.

If you own or manage a New or Used motor vehicle dealership, Powersports Dealership, Auction, Impound or even a Pawn Shop, join our Network.  We pick up and pay within a couple days if you’re selling; and provide guaranteed deliver options if you are buying.

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Buying Bank Owned Motorcycles

Buying Bank Owned Motorcycles

Are you looking to sell bank owned or repossessed motorcycles?  At USA Powersports Dealer Network we are always looking to buy motorcycles, and buying bank owned motorcycles is something we specialize in.

Why bother with posting bank owned bikes or sending them to auction and dealing with all the hassle. At  USA Powersports Dealer Network we can take the hassle out of it. We understand that people can fall on hard times and sometimes the bank has to take the bike back and some dealerships and owners get stuck with these bank owned bikes.

At USA Powersport Dealer Network we are willing to buy these bikes from you. We are willing to give you a fair price for your bank owned motorcycle. You have mounting inventory of motorcycles you can not sell? Let us remove all that overhead for you. Why let motorcycles sit around and collect dust waiting to be sold, when we can help with this problem.

We enjoy buying bank owned motorcycles and understand that the less hassle it is for you, the more you would be willing to sell to us. Like we said we offer you fair prices for your bank owned motorcycles, just give us a call at 419-956-3075 and we can start the process right away and arrange pick up of the bikes. Call us now so you can get those bank owned motorcycles off your hands!