The Emergence of the Harley

Over the years, the brand Harley Davidson has become synonymous with motorcycles in America. Affectionately known as Harleys, these bikes have dominated the heavyweight motorcycle category. Today, Harley Davidson has a large brand community that continues to engage with the consumers and automotive dealers through events, clubs, and even a museum.

History of Harley Davidson at a glance

1903- First bike produced which was designed for bike racesHarley Davidson History
1904- The first Harley Davidson dealer opens and sells the first model
1907- Harley Davidson joins the company and the Harley-Davidson Motor Company is incorporated.
1916- Harley- Davidson Enthusiast magazine is published for the first time
1941- Production of civilian motorcycles are almost completed stopped when US enters into WWII
1966- Riders begin to demand updates to the Panhead motor. A new engine nicknamed “Shovelhead”  is created and remained in production for over 20 years.
1981- Harley Davidson loses customer loyalty after years of mismanagement by AMF. Brand is rehabilitated after it is purchased from AMF.
1983- The H.O.G. or Harley Owners group is formed.
1992- First company to equip all models (besides some racing motorcycles) with drive belts.
2003- Harley Davidson’s 100th anniversary celebration in Milwaukee
2008- The Harley- Davidson’s museum opens for the Harley’s 105th birthday
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