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Impound Lot Powersports Vehicles Buyers

Impound lot owners, are you having difficulty selling the impounded motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, PWCs, or other powersports vehicles on your lot? Whether they have been stolen, abandoned, illegally parked, or have been involved in an accident or linked to a crime, it doesn’t matter to us HOW a powersports vehicle found its way on to your lot – it just matters HOW much you’re willing to sell it to us for!

If a powersports vehicle has been located and towed to your lot for any reason, the USA Powersports Dealer Network is very interested in buying it and adding it to our collection.

When cars are impounded, an impounded vehicle auction or seized car auction is typically held to sell the vehicles that will not be retrieved by their original owner for whatever reason. Powersports vehicle auctions, however, are a lot rarer simply because the ratio of impounded automobiles to impounded motorcycles or ATVs is very lopsided in favor of the automobiles. Impound lot owners, do you really want to host an auction for just the four or five gently used powersports vehicles you have on your lot? That doesn’t sound like it would be worth the hassle. But we still know, and you still know, that you have to get rid of those vehicles one way or another. So why don’t we just work together?

The USAPDN is always on the move, traveling the country  looking to buy great used sport bikes, cruisers, dirt bikes, ATVs, Four by Fours, watercrafts – you name it! And we never pass up the opportunity to scope out an impound lot. So no matter where you operate out of, from coast to coast, we can schedule a pick up time and come pay you cold, hard cash within just a couple days of an agreed upon sale to buy your powersports vehicles. It’s that easy!

We’d like to hear from you if you own or manage an impound lot and are looking to move excess powersports vehicles. To get a hold of us quickly and get a quote even quicker, join our network and try out our quick quote form!